Thursday, February 22, 2018

These kids are going to save us all!

I actually got excited watching the news this morning, that hasn't happened in a long time!  I realized that these Florida kids are on to something and they are going to change America.  Let me explain...

When a group has been marginalized, victimized, wronged, painted with an unfair brush.. whatever you want to call it, how does said groups initiate change??  They organize!  Organizing is hard, often thankless, and never ending. 

I couldn't help but think about the Freedom to Marry movement for same sex couples.  You had a group that knew they were being unjustly discriminated against so they organized.  They worked hard!  They found the found the right talking points.  They found the right messengers.  They built coalitions.  They elected supporters.  They passed legislation.  They sued.  They had public opinion in their favor.  AND THEY WON!! 

That's what I'm seeing in these kids and I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!!  You know, I'll confess...  I knew this day was coming but I thought this movement would be led by mothers.  Mothers whom had lost their sons and daughters to gun violence.  I didn't think it would be the kids but could you think of a more powerful voice to lead this charge?!!

Save us all??  Really, Jeran?? Hey, I'm optimistic!  I think this is the beginning of the end of NRA owned politicians.  I think folks who stand with these kids will get elected and stand up to bullies like our president and so many of our elected officials who think they are in invincible and blindly follow the NRA's lead!  Maybe we end up banning assault rifles.  Maybe no more kids die in school shootings.  Maybe we get back to a President who actually acts Presidential.  Maybe we de-escalate nuclear tensions.  Maybe... just maybe.

And now for a fresh crop of today's intelligent and timely meme's.

And my personal favorite!!  Folks need a history lesson!  Our founding fathers would be shaking their damn heads!

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