Tuesday, November 13, 2012

UPS ends charitable contributions to Boy Scouts.

I love stories like this!

Apparently UPS is ending their charitable contributions to the Boy Scouts because of their discriminatory policies toward gays.

Read the AP story here.

We are finally getting to a place in this country that being discriminatory towards the LGBT community is bad for business!  UPS and Intel are two major corporations sending a message to the Boy Scouts of America that their policies are out of touch!

When the whole Chick-fil-A debacle was going on I got some hateful phone calls and emails calling me a hypocrite. They wanted to know why I was calling on Chick-fil-A to stay out of the business of equality and stick to the business of making great chicken sandwiches.  "Where were you when JC Penney came out in support of gays; telling them to stick to the business of making clothes?"

Standing for Equality is always the right thing to do! This is a civil rights movement and standing up and saying "I've had enough!" is what all corporations should be doing.

Should companies stay out of personal issues? maybe? But this is not a personal issue, this is about civil rights, and bringing a group of minorities into full inclusion as a viable member of American society! This is about being treated as a full and equal citizen! ENDA discrimination needs to pass in all 50 states! Being gay is not a legitimate reason for being fired. Marriage Equality needs to pass in all 50 states!

I would imagine many corporations felt the same way about civil rights in regards to African Americans and later saw the error of their ways and ended up apologizing for their backward stance. I truly believe the same will come about, hopefully in a few short years.


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